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Data Protection Privacy Policy

What this Privacy Notice covers:

We are committed to protecting your personal information. In this notice, references to ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’ mean Goldsmith Family Jewellers Ltd. This notice explains how we collect and use personal information about yourselves.

Who we are:

We are an independent jewellery, watch and gift retailer trading in Longridge, we have one shop. We have a website but do not sell on line.

What information will we use?

Client Names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers.

Description of items left in our possession.

Cash receipts and card payment receipts.

Second hand receipts sold to us by customers.

CCTV is installed on the premises for the purpose of crime prevention. We have registered with the ICO Information Commissioners Office.

How will your information be used?

Any information we hold is solely for the following reasons:

To administer and despatch enquiries and orders.

Identification of items left for repair.

Valuation for Insurance and probate purposes.

Cash receipts and card payment receipts are used for stock control and processing bank payments.

What is the legal basis of progressing your Data?

The legal basis of processing your data is ‘legitimate interest’, where processing is required for maintaining contact with you in order to process a request

How is your information held?

Repair receipts

Customers names, addresses and telephone numbers

Second Hand receipts

This is to identify that the item as sold by the customer for a price and has no longer a legal charge of the goods


We are Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standard Compliant in accordance with their rules


Valuation for Insurance or Probate are carried out by an independent group called ‘The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers’.

We do not undertake the valuations ourselves, The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers use an E Source base which is protected and registered under a number particular to the customer.

The Guild of Valuers & Jewellers are carrying out the valuation on our behalf at the customers’ request and the personal data being given to them is only used for the purpose of valuation, and no personal data is ever passed to third parties as stated on the ‘Taking in procedure declaration form.

We do not hold data on the premises pertaining to the client’s valuations.


The installation of CCTV is necessary for the prevention of crime and maybe used in conjunction with police investigation should a situation arise and evidence is needed.

With have registered with the ICO for the sole purpose of crime prevention.

The period for which we will keep your information.

We will keep client information for as long as is necessary for us to fulfil the purpose that we describe in this policy, and for a period which is deemed reasonable.

Who will have access to the information.

We will not share your information with third parties.

We take reasonable organisation and technical measures to protect your information against unauthorised access.

We will never share client details with anyone else without your consent.

We do not hold a customer mailing list.

We do not share client information with marketing sites, Facebook or other services.

All computers are internet secure and have passwords.

Your rights:

Request a copy of our Privacy Notice.

Request a copy of the personal information we hold on you.

For security reasons, we require proof of identity with two pieces of approved identification. Please submit your request in writing to the contact details shown at the end of this notice. We will respond within 28 days of receipt of your written request and confirmed ID.

Please provide as much information as possible about the nature of your contact with us to help locate your records.

Request that we delete your personal data from our records.


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